Unlocking the Power of GPT: The Ultimate Incentive to Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus at GPT Store

OpenAI Enables Developers to Create Customized ChatGPT Models, Now Also Offers a GPT Store and ChatGPT Team Collaboration

Many people think we already have artificial general intelligence (AGI), AI programs that can do anything a person can. They’re wrong. But, starting a few months ago, OpenAI enabled developers to create customized versions of ChatGPT that could be experts on specific topics. Those do work. Now OpenAI is enabling you to buy these custom GPTs. In addition, OpenAI has just rolled out ChatGPT Team, which gives you a dedicated collaborative team workspace.

The GPT Store uses the ChatGPT chatbot and is available to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users. In the GPT Store, you’ll find numerous special-purpose GPTs. Some examples include AllTrails’ personalized trail recommendations; Khan Academy’s Code Tutor to help you expand your coding skills; and Canva to help you design presentations or social posts.

With the Store, you can also build your own GPTs. While OpenAI says it’s simple to do and doesn’t require any coding skills, to build a serious, useful GPT, you’ll need to be a subject-matter expert and know your way around what Large Language Models (LLM)s and GPTs can, and can’t do.

OpenAI claims that three million GPTs have already been built. To keep you from getting lost in their sheer numbers, OpenAI will provide a community leaderboard. There you can browse popular and trending GPTs with categories such as DALL-E, writing, research, programming, education, and lifestyle.

For now, all the GPTs are free to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Eventually, you can expect them to have service subscription fees. OpenAI will follow that up with a GPT builder revenue program. As a first step, US builders will be paid based on user engagement with their GPTs. The company will provide details on the payment criteria later.

Besides this new Store, OpenAI is introducing ChatGPT Team. With this, you can access the company’s advanced models like GPT-4 with a 32K context window and DALL-E 3, and tools like Advanced Data Analysis, formerly known as Code Interpreter.

Team also comes with a dedicated collaborative workspace for your workgroup and admin tools for team management. As with ChatGPT Enterprise, you own and control your business data. In other words, OpenAI won’t train on your business data or conversations, and its models don’t learn from your usage. This is essential for OpenAI to be trusted by businesses for production use.

ChatGPT Team costs $25 per month per user when billed annually, or $30 per month per user when billed monthly. You can dive deeper into the details of how Team works or get started now by upgrading to it from your ChatGPT settings.