Unlocking the Power of Google Docs Building Blocks: A Step-by-Step Guide

Google is known for enhancing user experience with its cloud-based office suite. Building Blocks is a recently added feature to Docs, helping in creating Meeting Notes, Email Drafts, Product Roadmaps, Review Trackers, Project Assets, and Content Trackers. 

Email Draft feature in Building Blocks is especially handy, as it allows users to compose emails in a more comfortable environment than the usual small compose window.

Using Google Docs Building Blocks

What you’ll need: A valid Google account and a web browser is all that’s needed. Let’s use Building Blocks.

Begin by logging in to Google Docs or Google Drive in your default browser.

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Create a new Google Document.

At the top of the new document, click Email draft.

After clicking Email draft, the Building Block will appear in the document for composing the email as needed.

Creating an email draft with Building Blocks is easy and can be used as templates.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZDNET

Once composed, click the blue Gmail ‘M’ at the top-right corner to send the email.

After sending the email, give the original document a name, and it will be saved in the folder from which it was created. You can then use that document as a template for emails.

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Sending similar emails to the same or different recipients becomes easier with this feature.

Another way to add Building Blocks to a document is from the Insert menu. Click Insert > Building Blocks and select the block you want to add.

Adding a Building Block from the Docs Insert menu.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZDNET

Another method is to type the @ symbol and select the block you want from the popup menu.

You can add a Building Block to any part of your document with this method.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZDNET

Google Docs Building Blocks feature is a great addition for empowering workflow to make it more efficient and repeatable.