Goldman Sachs CIO Predicts 2024 Focus on Hybrid AI and Apps

This year in artificial intelligence will be dominated by “hybrid” AI, according to a year-outlook interview disseminated by investment bank Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs chief investment officer, Marco Argenti, says that this will be where large language models serve as the brain that interprets the prompt and instructions. Also, “hybrid” AI will be dominant as applications on top of large language models rise to the forefront. Argenti contends that building such large programs will only be feasible for the world’s richest companies. Therefore, he believes most enterprises will focus on building smaller neural nets that are either located in their data centers or in cloud computing services. The focus will be on proof-of-concepts that show the highest return, according to Argenti. Additionally, a new class of third-party applications built on top of the foundation models will likely emerge in 2024. Argenti emphasized the need to, foster an environment that encourages collaboration between different players, encourages open sourcing of the models when appropriate, and develops appropriate principle-based rules to manage potential risks.