Top Treadmill Desks for 2023

Costway Goplus 3-in-1 treadmill specs: Dimensions: 50.5 inches x 26.5 inches x 43 inches | Speed: 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph | Weight capacity: 220 pounds | Price: $410

I bought this treadmill desk in June 2022 because I work from home and I wanted an affordable way to keep my energy up throughout the day. If you want to ease into activity without jarring your system, this is the perfect machine and it deserves the top spot. However, it did break down after a few months of use, when I was running on it at 6.5 mph. I chose it because of the gleaming clear acrylic desk that comfortably fitted my laptop and notebook. Sometimes when I got tired of walking, I would move my laptop up to see how far I walked on the digital screen at the base of the treadmill. It kept track of all of the standard treadmill things, like pace, miles walked, calories burned, and distance traveled. That display was a great motivator to keep going.

I used the treadmill desk in the mornings or whenever I felt sluggish, just to walk and get the blood flowing while I get work done. The problem is that I think I overloaded the machine when I ran on it. This is not a run-as-fast-as-you-can treadmill. This is a treadmill desk that you can walk on and work on with no issues. It’s easy to use, but it’s not as sturdy as a treadmill you might go on at the gym. An unexpected side benefit of using this treadmill desk was the heightened productivity I experienced with it. If you like to take online courses but struggle to motivate yourself to watch all of the videos or properly absorb the material, this treadmill desk is for you. I completed UPenn’s Computational Thinking for Problem Solving course after work while on this machine, and I couldn’t have stayed motivated without it. It’s hard to build positive habits, but this made it easy.

In addition, about a week after my purchase, the company sent me a cute keychain as a thank you for my purchase! I’ve never had that happen with an Amazon purchase before and I was pleasantly surprised. I am unsure if all customers will receive the free item, so you may or may not get a gift in the mail. Ultimately, the keychain in no way affected this ranking, but it was a nice gesture. The price of this treadmill desk is quite accessible, and the machine folds for easy storage. You just have to remove the desk, which detaches easily, if you want to walk without working. The machine has a quiet motor. All in all, a solid purchase if you treat it with care.