The Evolution of Linux: A Conversation with Linus Torvalds on AI’s Role in its Future

Linux Foundation’s founder, Linus Torvalds has recently been out of the public eye. However, at the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit Japan, he and his friend Dirk Hohndel, who is the head of Verizon open source, discussed the current state of Linux. One key topic was Linux 6.7, and the launch of the fourth release candidate before Torvalds flew to Tokyo. This means Linux 6.7 will arrive around Christmas, as long as all goes as planned. Torvalds also commented on maintainers and the stress of the role he describes as communication more than programming. He also spoke about how the Linux community is aging and how the use of Rust language is growing in the company. Finally, he speculated on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the future development of the Linux kernel. Torvalds is optimistic about AI’s potential impact on the Linux development process.