Samsung’s Ballie: The Helpful Robot Assistant Unveiled at CES

Ballie’s Unveiling at CES 2024: A Round, Rolling Robot from Samsung

The unveiling of Ballie at CES 2024 was akin to attending a live performance by your favorite artist in a crowded concert venue. Samsung reintroduced an upgraded version of Ballie, initially revealed in 2020, as an AI companion robot for the home, in response to the growing interest in AI technology worldwide.

Despite maintaining its original appearance and movement, Ballie has expanded its capabilities. Samsung highlighted the robot’s “advanced AI,” enabling it to assist with various tasks around the home, such as greeting you at the door and managing IoT devices, temperature, lighting, and even home appliances.

An exciting upgrade from the original version is Ballie’s dual-functionality as a switchable projector, capable of displaying various content, including recipe videos, calendar reminders, video calls, and workout routines. Moreover, the robot can adjust the projection angle based on a person’s posture and facial angle, a feature Samsung claims is the first of its kind.

During the on-stage demo, Ballie showcased its ability to assist an individual throughout their day, from displaying the day’s schedule and making important calls to projecting recipes on the wall during meal preparation. The robot’s projector also doubles as a pet monitor, entertaining pets by projecting videos and even prompting the pet feeder to release food.

While Samsung did not disclose the price point and release date for Ballie, the company’s vice president confirmed plans to launch the robot in 2024. This indicates a potential shift towards integrating robot assistants in homes sooner than expected, offering a glimpse into the practical applications of smart home technology.

The unveiling of Ballie at CES 2024 demonstrated the potential for a helpful and reliable robot house assistant, laying the groundwork for the future of home automation technology.