Must-Have Mac App On Sale: Get It Now!

What’s the deal?

CleanMyMac X is on sale. How much you save depends on which plan you sign up for.

Why this deal is ZDNET-recommended

One of the very first apps I install on any new Mac is Macpaw’s CleanMyMac X.

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CleanMyMac X will let you claw back this costly storage space.


CleanMyMac X

An all-in-one, system optimization service to keep your Mac running clean and fresh.

But there’s even more to CleanMyMac X — in the form of the Menu App. Here users can get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on with their Mac, from CPU, RAM, and storage usage, battery status, network monitor, along with the status of the real-time malware monitor.

This Menu App is a tool that I use many times a day.

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And recently, Macpaw added a new feature called Connected Devices Monitor. At a glance, the new window displays all the essential information you need about the various devices paired with your Mac computer.

The Connected Devices Monitor not only gives you a deep dive overview of iOS/iPadOS devices but also general Bluetooth devices and external drives connected to your Mac. At your fingertips, you have information about available disk space on your external drive, and the service can even help you remove hidden junk and audit your personal files on flash drives and SD cards.

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You can also eject all your connected devices with a single click, which is a feature I can’t live without now.

Here’s a breakdown of what information is shown for different types of devices:

  • iOS/iPadOS devices: Monitors the battery and storage space, and the ‘Reclaim Space” feature gives you hints and tips to free up precious gigabytes.
  • Bluetooth devices: Monitors the battery life of mice, keyboards, and headphones, and gives you an alert when power levels are running low.
  • External drives: Monitors and frees up storage space on connected drives.

Connected Devices Monitor is basically your command center for connected devices


As for price, I find CleanMyMac X to be amazing value. You can pick up a one-year subscription for a single Mac computer for $34.95, with plans available for two and five Macs.

Note that you can buy CleanMyMac X from the Apple Mac Store too, but this lacks some of the more in-depth tools available in the version directly from Macpaw. This is down to limitations Apple puts on developers who use the Mac App Store.

And for business users who need to grab a lot of licenses? MacPaw can sort that out for you.