The $30 USB-C Cable with an Amazing Feature: Now 33% off!

The ChargerLAB Power-Z AK001 USB-C cable with power meter is currently 33% off on Amazon, making its total price only $20. This high-quality five-foot USB-C to USB-C cable is capable of carrying 240W of power and comes complete with a built-in power meter with color display. It’s perfect for diagnosing problems with chargers and power banks.

The ChargerLAB Power-Z AK001 offers simplicity, with all the vital statistics about the power going across the cable displayed clearly. It even features a handy arrow on the display that shows the direction in which the power is flowing.

The power meter also has a simple interface with just one button on the back of the display that controls switching screens and rotating the display. It has been tested for accuracy and easily achieves the rated accuracy to make it more than accurate enough for these types of measurements.

At $20, the ChargerLAB Power-Z AK001 is an amazingly cheap and versatile power meter that doubles as a 240W USB-C cable for day-to-day use. If you want a USB-C power meter with more functionality, the ChargerLAB Power-Z KM003C is also recommended.