Introducing the Latest Echo Show 8 at an Unbeatable Price of $105

A few days ago, Amazon officially released the brand new Echo Show 8. Having tested it for a few days, I can say that the improvements from the first-generation to the third-generation model are evident.The upgraded 2023 Echo Show 8 features spatial audio, a faster processor, and an improved smart home experience. With a sleeker design and smarter features, this model is available for only $105 along with a vibrant, upgraded screen, and improved speed. The device gives you the impression of being part of a more eco-friendly transition, with 99% of the packaging being made of recyclable materials.And though the Echo Show 8 sports a sleek design, the speaker on its back could be seen as problematic. The previous generations had a speaker back that stood as a stand for the smart display, but the design of the third-generation Echo Show 8 looks a bit odd. The upgraded 13MP camera sitting at the center of the display is a noticeable change, as it will improve video calls by removing the off-angle view typical with previous models.Other features include the Visual ID personalization, only available in newer models, that makes it easier for the household members to have a personalized experience with the smart display. A new feature that will roll out in early 2024 is the Adaptive Content that creates personalized content to the user. Adding to the upgraded features list is the device’s ability to function as a smart speaker, complete with spatial audio. The minimalist design and rich sound experience make this Echo Show 8 a great option for smart home users.The $150 price tag, higher than previous generations, is something to consider, though, especially when compared to the discounted price of the second-generation Echo Show 8. This new upgrade, however, brings a faster touch response as well as quicker Alexa response times, making the Echo Show 8 a compelling addition to smart homes. With support for Zigbee, Thread, and Matter, this new Echo Show 8 can serve not just as a smart display, but also as a central nexus for controlling smart devices and as a smart assistant.