Maximizing Efficiency: Organizing Apps in MacOS Launchpad for Increased Productivity

I do everything I can to work with efficiency. The last thing I need is for tools to stop me getting things done. To that end, I’ll try anything — no matter how small — to make my daily grind a bit less grindy. That’s why I group Launchpad entries together in groups. This trick makes the interface considerably tidier and helps me find what I’m looking for, without having to resort to the Search tool. Fortunately, the MacOS developers make it very easy to group apps together. The feature is similar to what the GNOME developers have done with the Activities Overview, where you can create folders of app launchers to group related apps together. For instance, when you install LibreOffice, you get separate launchers for Writer, Calc, Base, Draw, Impress, Math, and LibreOffice itself. I always group those together in their own folder, titled something like Productivity or simply LIbreOffice. Then, it only takes up one space in the Overview and not seven. But how do you group apps together in Launchpad? It’s very simple. Let me show you. To combine launchers, all you have to do is find two related launchers and drag one onto the other. This task does take a bit of finesse. Be warned that if you overshoot the dragging, you’ll wind up moving the launchers and not creating a folder. When you create the folder, it will open to reveal the added launchers, as well as an auto-generated name that’s created by MacOS. For example, if I move iMovie into GarageBand, MacOS names that folder Video. After customizing the name of the folder, click outside to return to the Launchpad. You can then continue adding new launchers until you have everything necessary for that particular category. You can then continue creating new folders with other related launchers until Launchpad is a sleek, efficient means of locating and launching your applications. And that’s all there is to taking the MacOS Launchpad to new heights of efficiency. With just a bit of time, you can have Launchpad set up as a highly effective tool that will make your daily life a bit easier.