Get the most out of Alexa’s new Map View feature with this simple setup guide and find out why owning an iOS device is essential.

The Amazon Alexa app has gotten a much-needed upgrade, with the addition of the Alexa Map View feature. This feature makes it easier to control smart home devices, which have previously been challenging to manage on the mobile app. Amazon director of smart home, Charlie French, acknowledged the difficulty of this process and emphasized the app’s improvement.

The Map View feature is currently available on a limited number of devices. It requires the room scanning process enabled by LiDAR technology, which is only available on certain Apple products. Compatible devices include the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max and newer versions, as well as the iPad Pro (4th generation or later).

Using the Map View feature requires the Amazon Alexa app and a compatible Apple device. After opening the Alexa app and tapping on Devices, users can access the Map View by tapping on the pin-drop icon. This initiates the process of creating 3D models of each room. Users will be guided through scanning instructions to ensure accurate floorplans. Once completed, they can begin adding and controlling devices in their rooms from the map.

Overall, the Alexa Map View feature promises to significantly enhance the user experience for controlling smart home devices, addressing the previous challenges and limitations of the app.