Forecasting the Top 5 Headphones Trends for 2024

Qualcomm manufactures chips for top headphone brands like Bose, Audio-Technica, Jabra, Edifier, and Anker. The company owns popular Bluetooth codecs, with the most advanced being the Qualcomm aptX Adaptive codec. This technology allows for low-latency listening, and Qualcomm is expected to enhance the codec in 2024. The company recently announced two new audio chips and platforms that promise high bit-rate audio through Bluetooth connectivity. Lossless audio is not achievable over a Bluetooth connection due to speed limitations, but Qualcomm’s S7 Pro audio platform aims to enable lossless listening without wires by equipping headphones with Wi-Fi. Bluetooth SIG announced LE Audio, a new audio technology that operates on the Bluetooth Low Energy radio and includes a new codec called LC3, which promises high-quality audio streaming and lower power consumption. LE Audio also introduces Auracast, a feature that allows one audio source to broadcast to unlimited devices. This means that multiple smartphones can connect to one Bluetooth speaker and simultaneously stream audio. More consumer audio companies are expected to equip their Bluetooth speakers with Auracast, allowing multiple speakers to stream audio from one device and reducing the need for bulky speakers.