The Resurgence of Flip Phones: Why Gen Z and Younger Millennials are Embracing the Trend

The trend of flip phones is on the rise, especially among younger consumers. A recent study by Decluttr, an online service that refurbishes and sells old tech, shows that online searches for flip phones have increased by a staggering 15,369% among Gen Z and younger Millennials over the past year. This surge in interest can be attributed to the release of new flip phone models, as well as the nostalgic appeal of retro-looking tech.

Samsung has capitalized on this trend by releasing the Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro model, based on classic designs. According to Liam Howley, Decluttr’s chief marketing officer, the resurgence of interest in flip phones reflects a yearning for simpler times in the tech world. He believes that consumers are seeking a different look and feel than what is currently popular and that this desire will drive further innovation and improvement in the world of flips and foldables.

The report also indicates that the sales of foldable phones have increased by nearly 44% in 2023 compared to the previous year. It predicts that over 54 million foldable devices will be sold by 2027, representing a 382% increase from 2022. Overall, the data suggests that the demand for flip and foldable phones is on the rise, driven by both nostalgia and a desire for technological variety and advancement.