Embracing Meta’s Quest 3: Conquering Claustrophobia and Embracing Adventure

If you’ve been paying any attention to ZDNET in the latter half of the year, you know XR has piqued our interest. XR, short for AR/VR/MR, has become practical and accessible to a broader audience. The Meta Quest 3, a $500 XR headset, is ZDNET’s Product of the Year for 2023, which comes as a surprise considering a consumer VR headset from Facebook is our top pick. I’ve had a history of motion sickness and claustrophobia that has made interacting with VR challenging.

However, despite my reservations, the Quest 3 hasn’t induced much motion sickness for me. Although I have yet to fully understand what areas the device will impact, it certainly has the potential to change a variety of technological uses. After numerous YouTube videos, a Meta and Meta Horizons account, and a $60 voucher, the headset finally arrived at my home. It was charged and ready to use when I opened the box a few days later.

Initially, I was concerned about VR motion sickness and a lack of space since there are numerous trip hazards in my small family room. Nonetheless, my worries haven’t deterred me, and I’ve had a positive experience with the Meta Quest 3 so far. The device offers an impressive view and is user-friendly for the most part, despite a few adjustments and compatibility issues. I’m looking forward to what else the Quest 3 has in store.