Cerebras: Leading the Charge in Hybrid AI Computing with ‘A Monster Year’

Andrew Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Cerebras Systems, discussed the Condor Galaxy 1, or “CG-1,” in an interview. CG-1 is an AI computer built for client G42, designed to alleviate the chip shortage. In a surprising twist, Cerebras is transitioning to a business model with fewer but bigger deals and is focusing on sales of massively parallel systems alongside cloud computing services. Fieldman also unveiled the latest accomplishment, CG-1, for G42, an investment firm in Abu Dhabi. This creation is an enormous AI system, consisting of 64 CS-2s and marketed as a less expensive alternative to Nvidia’s chips. The new business model is yielding positive results, and large companies like GlaxoSmithKline are renting capacity in Cerebras’ cloud. The company is planning to expand Condor Galaxy, CG-2, adding more computers and exaFLOPS to the system. Feldman also stressed the complexity of networking GPUs and highlighted the effectiveness of Cerebras’ engineering and technology to solve this problem. The CS-2s featured in Condor Galaxy contain one-of-a-kind WSE chips and are complemented by Swarm-X and Memory-X to cluster them together.