Apple’s Vision Pro: A Groundbreaking Buying Experience Set for February Launch

Apple’s ambitious $3,500 Vision Pro headset is set to launch in February, according to a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The company has already begun ramping up production and has been in touch with software developers to prepare them for the imminent launch.

The email sent to developers on Wednesday urged them to “get ready” for the launch and test their apps and services on the latest developer software. Gurman also noted that Apple will be flying out store members to its headquarters for retail training next month. This two-day session will prepare staffers with knowledge of the headset, its key selling points, and proper etiquette when assisting customers.

The Vision Pro will also have a dedicated demo station at Apple stores and employees will need to familiarize themselves with various accessories, such as the battery pack, prescription lenses, light seal, and head straps. Apple is even planning an app that can scan customers’ head and face shapes to help find the best fit for them.

Despite the $3,500 price tag, Apple is ensuring that the buying process for the Vision Pro is a sophisticated and tailored experience, surpassing that of the first Apple Watch. With a month to go before the launch, the company is finalizing the logistics to make sure customers have the best experience when purchasing the headset.