Try out Alexa’s new generative AI skills: Here’s how to use them

Amazon Unveils New Alexa Skills with a Focus on AI

Amazon has recently announced three new Alexa skills that all incorporate a significant amount of artificial intelligence (AI). These skills are now available to all Echo and Alexa users and can be accessed through the Alexa app and the Alexa Skills website.

The first skill, called Character.AI, allows users to engage in conversations with a variety of chatbots. These chatbots range from historical figures like Socrates and Albert Einstein to trip planners, dating coaches, and fitness coaches. Users can also explore AI-driven alternate timelines and help an AI escape from challenging situations.

The second skill, Splash, uses AI to create a song based on the user’s description. Users can specify the genre of music they want, and Alexa will play a short excerpt of the song. Users can then make changes or send the song to their phone for playback.

The third skill, Volley Games, is an AI-driven version of the 20 questions game. Users are challenged to guess an object by asking the right ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. They can also ask for hints along the way.

These new skills were developed using tools introduced by Amazon last September, which make it easier to integrate generative AI into Alexa skills. This allows users to engage in conversations and access real-time data through the Alexa platform.