Unlocking the Power of MagSafe: Adding this Feature to Your Android Phone for Maximum Convenience and Functionality

ZDNET’s main takeaways from the article are as follows. Magnetic ring plates by Spigen, ESR, and other accessory brands offer MagSafe compatibility for Android devices and older iPhones. These ring plates are affordable, priced between $5 and $17, and allow users to mount their devices on various MagSafe accessories, such as car mounts, tripods, and charging stands. However, it’s important to note that attaching the ring plates does not provide wireless charging if the phone does not already have that feature, and the mounting process can be challenging on phones with bulkier camera bumps.

Since Apple introduced MagSafe, an Android user shares that he has been envious of the magnet-based mounting system and has always wished for a similar feature on his Android phones. Although Qi2 and the Wireless Power Consortium are working on bringing such technology to Android devices, it is not available yet. As a temporary solution, the user suggests using magnetic ring plates, which are a more affordable alternative.

Among the various ring plates tested, the Spigen Magnetic Ring Plate is recommended for its reliable mount and comes with an installation kit. The user also found that mounting the ring plates on phone cases, rather than directly on the phone, provides better adhesion. However, some users have reported compatibility issues with certain devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra, where using the magnetic ring may interfere with the S Pen’s functionality.

Despite these issues, the user expresses satisfaction with the added functionality that the magnetic ring plates provide and recommends them as a practical and cost-effective solution for Android users wanting MagSafe compatibility.