Transform Your Android Phone into a Webcam with This Innovative Windows App

The biggest selling point of the Apple ecosystem is the seamless device integration. For Android users, Microsoft’s Phone Link offers similar functionality. The latest version of Microsoft’s “Link to Windows” app includes new code that suggests the ability to use a connected phone as a webcam.

The new code mentions phrases like “Tap this notification to allow your PC to stream your camera video,” as well as options to “Pause video,” “Resume video,” and “Switch to back” or “Switch to front.” There are also references to Zoom-like video effects such as auto framing, blur, face retouch, and soft focus.

These upcoming features are similar to Apple’s Continuity, where users can access an iPhone’s camera through a Mac for video calls. However, it’s possible that these features may be limited to certain devices, as only recent Samsung flagship phones and the OnePlus 11 currently have Link to Windows as part of their built-in software.

Microsoft has not made an official announcement about these features, but they may coincide with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 in February 2024. Until then, the specifics of this update remain uncertain.