The Global Tech Worker’s Migration: Top 10 Destination Countries and Departure Places

Taking a job with a new company can certainly be a way to advance your career, but many people are packing their bags and taking a job in a new country for a better life.

International moving company Compare My Move recently compiled a list of countries to which technology workers are moving for new jobs, and which countries they’re moving from.

The number one country tech workers are moving to? The Netherlands, with an estimated average annual salary of $80,000. Germany is second on the list with a $73,700 salary, followed by Canada, also at $80,000, then the UK, at $72,500.

Even though it’s the fifth most popular destination for tech workers, Switzerland provides the highest annual average, coming in at almost $120,000. Sweden is sixth at just over $84,000 and the US makes an appearance in the seventh spot, with a salary of $111,000. Australia, Denmark, and Belgium round out the list.

But while Europe dominates the list of where employees are moving to for tech work, it’s nowhere to be found on the list of countries employees are moving from.

The leading source of employees in the technology industry is India, with Nigeria, Russia, Pakistan, and Iran rounding out the top five. Sri Lanka comes in at number six, followed by Brazil, Turkey, and Egypt. The US finishes in the number 10 spot.

Overall, the countries where workers are exiting have significantly lower salaries, save for a few, Compare My Move says.