The Evolution of My iPhone After Three Years Without a Case

A beautiful iPhone can survive without a case

It’s no secret that most people put cases on their phones to protect them. Still, many are interested in understanding the utility of a case, especially considering the sleekness of the modern iPhone. In this ZDNET article, the author shares some insights from their experience using an iPhone without a case.

The author reveals that they have been using a blue iPhone 12 without a case for three years. They frequently carry it in their pocket, not even being too careful about which way it is facing. Despite dropping it several times, the phone has not suffered any significant damage, only showing normal signs of wear and tear.

The upper rear of the phone and the sides have experienced some scratches and marks, with the upper rear side suffering the most luster loss. It appears that there is no explanation for why this occurs, but it offers a unique perspective on how the phone wears over time.

The bottom part of the phone, however, remains relatively unblemished, adding to the mystery of owning a caseless phone. The author concludes by expressing their preference for allowing the phone to show its blemishes and natural state, rather than hiding them. Ultimately, the author wants to encourage people to consider letting their phones exist without a case and accepting the natural consequences.

This example with the author’s personal experience is intended to show that a phone can survive without a case. Despite normal wear and tear, the phone remains functional and still looks presentable after several years of use.