Rare Black Friday Sale: The Oura Smart Ring

Oura’s high-tech health tracking ring is ZDNET’s pick for best smart ring and best fitness ring. It not only tracks your activity and sleep but also gives you personalized insights for improving your health. The Oura Ring rarely goes on sale, but you can buy a Heritage Oura Ring or a Horizon Oura Ring at a big discount ahead of Black Friday.

When ZDNET contributor Sherin Shibu reviewed the Oura Ring 3, she said that other wearables on the market pale in comparison to this high tech, health-tracking ring. She used it during strength training, cycling, and yoga, and it offered accurate health tracking data that didn’t overwhelm her. “The ring shines where other wearables falter,” Shibu writes.

Oura prioritizes minimalism in both its design and data approach. The Oura Ring delivers data alongside actionable steps you can take to improve, so you aren’t just reviewing a low sleep score but instead finding ways to improve upon that the next night.

If you want the inside scoop into your health data with a lightweight, no-screen design, the Oura Ring might just be for you. And with this rare discount available until Nov. 27, you won’t want to miss out on this deal.