Power Your Home for Two Weeks with This Portable Battery Station – Save $500!

Right now, you can save $500 when you buy the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 Plus on Amazon, bringing it down to just $1,699. You’ll save even more when you bundle additional solar panels. Jackery, a familiar name in the power station game for over a decade now, has a new power station called the Explorer 2000 Plus, and this thing is a total game- The Explorer 2000 Plus is very neat and uncluttered — a few buttons, a minimalist display, and the power outlets. Also, the outputs and rated capacity need to match up with the published specs (see the specs list above). The Explorer 2000 Plus passed all my tests with flying colors. The 2,000 Wh capacity is huge. It can charge up your iPhone over 80 times, or run a mini fridge for over 12 hours. A single PackPlus E2000 Plus battery pack (currently $200 off) doubles this.000 Wh not enough for you? You can connect up to five PackPlus E2000 Plus battery packs to a single Explorer 2000 Plus to give 12,000 Wh of storage. A single PackPlus E2000 Plus weighs in at 41.9 lbs (19 kg), so the two units combined come in at over 100 lbs (46.9 kg). Still not enough? No problem! You can join together two Explorer 2000 Plus units, each connected to five PackPlus E2000 Plus battery packs to give you a whopping 24,000 Wh of power storing capacity – enough, according to Jackery, to provide power for the average household for two weeks. This setup will cost you a cool $22,500, but there’s little to compare with the power and flexibility it offers. If you see the sun on a regular basis then solar generators are the way forward. They allow you to capture and store the free energy that’s beaming down from the sun, convert it into electricity, and store it in batteries. Solar generators consist of two parts: There’s a portable power station (think power bank but bigger) and solar panels. The power stations come in all shapes and sizes, from small boxes you’d be happy carrying for a short distance, to big boxes on wheels that you don’t want to be taking with you too far. It’s capable of powering heavy load devices up to 3000W such as air conditioners and power tools. The power outlets had no problem supporting a continuous load of 3,000W and even surges of 6,000W. If you can push the power station beyond this, then the Explorer 2000 Plus powers down gracefully and waits for you to reduce the load. Under heavy loads, there are fans that kick in to keep everything cool (which also come on when charging the unit), but these fans are quiet — only 30dB, or how loud a library is — and the Explorer 1500 Pro can handle a 3,000W continuous load without any difficulty. It’s very a well-designed unit. The 100W USB-C ports are particularly useful for those of us who may charge and power our laptops off a power station.000 Wh capacity is huge. It can charge up your iPhone over 80 times, or run a mini fridge for over 12 hours. It’ll also power a portable air conditioner for a couple of hours, or a heavy-duty welder for 40 minutes. The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus is a solid, expandable portable power station that should give you years of use. If you’re in the market for a power station, either for in-home use or for your outdoor adventures, it is an excellent choice that should give you years of use.