OffshoreCorpTalk Forum Reaches 250K Milestone and Unveils Latest Sponsorship Partnership

OffshoreCorpTalk provides more variety and flexibility in wealth and finances in a world where taxes and death are the only things people can count on. The OffshoreCorpTalk forum has had a productive year in 2023. After a well-deserved summer holiday that brought security updates and some new features, the fall season has begun with a series of updates. Boosting around 23,000 members, the community forum is split into several sections, some of which are mentor groups gold for business collaborations. In spite of the fact that it began as a low-profile forum, the community has grown through word of mouth and recommendations, reaching impressive numbers and an enviable reputation. As of now, OffshoreCorpTalk is the largest online forum for offshore professionals. People from all walks of life have been joining lately to learn more about their finances, as well as find partnerships and new business opportunities. A new sponsorship partnership was announced this week for the forum. DLS Dubai has been the primary sponsor for the forum for the past four years. The business formation company offers a variety of services for those looking to start a business in Dubai. Both OffshoreCorpTalk and DLS Dubai gained new clients thanks to the constant renewal of sponsorships.

As DLS Dubai has implemented a new business model, the sponsorship has ended. The lengthy process is expected to end soon, and the management expects a new sponsorship deal with OffshoreCorpTalk to be signed shortly thereafter. A live interview with the forum management was planned recently, but Fred, part of DLS Dubai management, struggled with some health issues, so it was postponed. A primary sponsor has not yet been found for the forum. Emirates Setup has just signed a new partnership with OffshoreCorpTalk. The LLC provides business formation services, help with bank accounts, and other company-related services from Abu Dhabi since 2016. As one of the best established companies in this field, it’s the first European run company formation service in Dubai. “We’re thrilled to announce a new sponsorship with Emirates Setup, one of the best-rated company formation agencies in the Emirates and one of the most awarded in the industry,” said a representative of OffshoreCorpTalk forum. Our collaboration will be fruitful for both parties.” Aside from company-related services, Emirates Setup also provides visa services, regardless of the type, as well as tax and VAT accounting. DLS Dubai’s previous sponsorship lasted four years, so the forum management expects the new partnership to last at least as long.

Founded in 2004, OffshoreCorpTalk is a tight-knit community for offshore enthusiasts, who want to diversify their wealth and improve their income by playing by the rules in multiple jurisdictions.