Nanoleaf Unveils Latest Matter Smart Light Strips and Launches Skylight Preorders

Nanoleaf is showcasing smart home technology at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, including new Orchestrator software for music integration, three new smart light strips with Matter support, and the preorder availability of the Nanoleaf Skylight.

The company’s three new smart lights with Matter support include an indoor Smart Multicolor Lightstrip, Smart Multicolor Outdoor String Lights, and Smart Multicolor Permanent Outdoor Lights.

These Permanent Outdoor Lights are reminiscent of Govee’s Permanent Outdoor Lights, which also feature Matter support. Nanoleaf’s new Permanent Outdoor Lights are launching as part of the company’s Essentials line, along with the rest of the new Matter light strips.

The other Outdoor Smart Multicolor String Lights are designed to adorn and illuminate a balcony or deck with the look of patio string lights and smart integrations. These two additions mark Nanoleaf’s first outdoor light strips and are planned for a Spring 2024 release.

The company also announced a new Orchestrator software for music integrations that connects directly to the computer’s sound source and isolates the response to the device. This new software promises to provide a more accurate real-time experience with synchronized lights that only react to the music being fed to the lights.

Finally, Nanoleaf announced that it’s making its Nanoleaf Skylight Smart Modular Ceiling Light available for preorder right now, with a retail price of $250 for the Starter Kit and $70 for Expansion Packs, with products shipping in late January.

The Nanoleaf Skylight is a set of square light panels that are meant to be installed on the ceiling, with a flush-mount design and a wide array of color options to choose from. Each square from the Skylight is capable of emitting 1400 lumens with a lifespan of 25,000 hours. Unlike traditional ceiling light fixtures, the Nanoleaf Skylight can be controlled via the Nanoleaf app, with the ease of setting schedules, automations, and the ability to control them remotely.