Microsoft Introduces Upgraded Copilot with OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo and DALL-E 3 Technology

Nine months after its launch, Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Bing Chat, was rebranded as Copilot. Microsoft is now adding new features to Copilot to enhance its performance further. The company revealed in a blog post that new features will be introduced in 2024, with some already available to expand the chatbot’s capabilities.

The most notable upgrade is the integration of OpenAI’s latest model, GPT-4 Turbo, which will allow Copilot to generate responses more efficiently. Other upgrades include an updated version of DALL-E 3 for generating higher-quality and more accurate images, as well as multi-modal prompts and a code interpreter for technical tasks.

Furthermore, Copilot will soon have the ability to use Bing image search and web search data for better understanding of image queries. Microsoft Edge users will also be able to use Copilot for rewriting content from websites. Additionally, Bing Search is getting a new Deep Search feature powered by GPT-4 for more comprehensive answers to search queries.

The introduction of these new features will enhance Copilot’s capabilities significantly, making it more efficient and user-friendly for various tasks.