Experience The Enormous Size of TCL’s 115-inch QM8 TV in Person

TCL’s focus was on one thing at CES 2024: TVs, and big ones. The company’s founder and chairman, Thomson Li called out TCL’s incredible growth as a company and reputation in recent years, becoming the number two brand in the US. TCL’s North American president, Mark Zhang also praised the brand’s meteoric rise before outlining the company’s roadmap for 2024 and beyond. This year’s TV’s include the flagship line, the QM7 and QM8, both of which are getting new QD-mini LED panels. This means they’ll have more local dimming zones and LEDs to create sharper contrast and details as well as more vibrant colors compared to previous models. Perhaps more impressively, the QM8 will be the company’s first 115-inch display while the QM7 and Q6 will add a 98-inch model. TCL is also updating its S-Series line of budget-friendly TVs with the S5, which will replace the current S4. The S5 features a 25 percent brighter panel than its predecessor and integrate TCL’s AiPQ engine with the S-Series of TVs for the first time. The AiPQ engine works with the TV’s main processor and built-in algorithms to enhance upscaling of non-4K content as well as better image and sound processing for native 4K video and music. All TCL televisions released in 2024 will also feature an enhanced dialogue mode, which will boost speech in shows and movies for clearer dialogue. TCL’s other big innovation was the introduction of its Nxtpaper displays for tablets and smartphones. The Nxtpaper display utilizes layers of different materials to block harmful blue light while preserving color accuracy and detail. It also has a layer purpose-built for eliminating glare and giving the screen a matte finish similar to what you’d find on an e-reader.