What is medical marijuana and how people make use of it?

In most of the countries marijuana has become legalized for using in medical treatments. Tough most of the people used to buy weed online for different purposes but according to FDA marijuana is used only for the treatment of two problems Dravet syndrome and Lennox gastaut syndrome.

Here are the common ways that people can take medical marijuana;

  • Smoking: Marijuana can be rolled up and used in cigarette while smoking. Apart from cigarette it can also be used in pipes or bong.
  • Gravity bongs: Some household items are also used for consuming marijuana. These bongs can be made with the help of water bottles, buckets, milk jug or with some soda bottles. Then these homemade bongs help to push the gravity for pulling the smoke by using water or beer.
  • Vaping: One of the new and creative methods of consuming marijuana is vaporization. In vaporization the active ingredients can be inhaled instead of inhaling harmful smoke. The reason for using vaporization is you will feel only mild Smell of marijuana than smoking it. It will be very small for handling and also for concealing it will be more comfortable.
  • Dabbing: This method will be almost similar to vaporization the difference between them is while dabbing THC resins extracted from marijuana plant will be used. The glass pipe will be heated and the resin extract will be placed on the bong. The vapor will be produced immediately after placing the resins.
  • Oral ingestion: In case of food marijuana brownies are the usual one. But later the need of Marijuana was high so many types of marijuana has been developed. Marijuana oil can be used for cooking and marijuana leaves are used as beverages like tea. Apart from tea marijuana can be consumed from cakes, gums, beers, soda, cereal etc.,
  • Sprays: This is one of the easy and quick forms of taking marijuana in the form of liquid with THC and cannabinoid. This marijuana will be converted into liquid and that liquid marijuana can be sprayed under tongue. This type of spraying method will be common among medical marijuana users those who can’t able to use marijuana in the form of smoke. Marijuana is also called as weed and you can buy weeds online. In some countries there will be some legalized marijuana Store so you can buy it on retail store itself.
  • Tinctures: This is also a liquid extracted from marijuana plants. This can be consumed with alcohol or water. You need to infuse just a drop of marijuana liquid because it is highly concentrated and it will react quickly after mixing with water or alcohol.
  • Topical oil: This is different from edible oil used for cooking. Because it will be very thick so you can apply on your skin to get instant relief from pain. This method is purely used for medical purposes.

These are the ways that marijuana can be used. But apart from medicinal purposes consuming marijuana will definitely harm your health.