Upgrade Your Wifi with Eero 6+ – 35% Off for Cyber Monday

The Eero 6+ Mesh Wifi System (3-pack)

Amazon Cyber Monday Deal

Amazon slashed prices of theEero 6+ Mesh Wifi System by 35%, still offering the deal. Now available at $194, a $105 discount from the regular price of $299. This rate applies to the most popular 3-pack. This matches the lowest offer we’ve seen for the Eero 6+ mesh router package in 2023.

ZDNET-Recommended Deal

If you have wifi dead spots in your home or your wifi isn’t as fast as what your internet provider says it should be, then you’re probably already considering an upgrade for your router. For both of those problems, I can confidently recommend an upgrade to the Eero 6+ Mesh Wifi System as a potententially quick solution to make your wifi faster and more reliable. 

I’ve been using Eero systems for the past several years and I can happily report that they allow me to use all of the gigabit internet that I pay for from Spectrum. Eero’s mesh system offers proven technology and it eliminated all the dead spots in my house. The smartphone app is also well designed and easy to use. And most of all, I’m happy about how rarely I have to “reset the router” to get the wifi to work properly. 


Eero 6+ Wifi Mesh System

The Eero 6+ Wifi Mesh System can fix the wifi dead spots in your home and potentially make your internet connection more reliable.