Upgrade Your Toolbox: The Multimeter Alternatives on Sale for Cyber Monday

You have the Cyber Monday offer for the Pokit Pro and PokitMeter. Get them for 25% less, saving up to $82 for a total of $187 and $32 off for a total price of $187, respectively.  

The Pokit Pro connects to a smartphone and is a compact probe-style multimeter with LED light. It has a variety of measurement ranges to cater for various testing requirements and features data logging and oscilloscope functionalities. The PokitMeter is a smaller, more compact, keychain-sized multimeter and also connects to a smartphone, making it suitable for low-voltage diagnostics like automotive troubleshooting.

The deal for these smart multimeters is ZDNET-recommended, especially for experienced users who want more out of their tools. The price might be a bit steep but the features are definitely worth the investment.