Unleashing the Power of Samsung’s Universal Gestures for Galaxy Watch: A Superior Alternative to Apple’s Double-Tap

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 features double-tap gesture

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 introduced a universal gesture and offered a tutorial to police it.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 wearables, launched in August, introduced this watch gesture. Samsung made sure that users did not miss this function by issuing a press statement on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Activating the handle on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is quite simple. First, go to ‘Accessibility’ under Settings and then turn on ‘Universal gestures’ under the ‘Interaction and Dexterity’ section. You will then be provided with a tutorial to learn how to use the gestures.

Four common gestures are compatible with Samsung’s universal gestures. They include two fists, pinching, and double-pinching. These gestures enable a single-hand operation by using various default functions.

If you are not satisfied with the default function settings, you can easily switch to customizing the actions of these gestures. Additionally, you can choose your preferred activation gesture.

Compared to Apple’s limited always-on functionality, Samsung’s customizable platform offers a wide range of gestures. The reliable response of these gestures to user movements makes it an exciting feature to explore further.

This feature is particularly useful for controlling your watch with gestures, especially during the winter while wearing gloves.