Unleashing the Power of Pixel 8 Pro’s Video Boost: A Step-by-Step Guide

In terms of Pixel phones, Google refuses to stay put on the camera side of the equation. To that end, the company is always seeking new ways to enhance the functionality and quality of the photos and videos produced by its devices. The Pixel 8 Pro has received a video quality boost with the December update known as Video Boost.

This new feature improves video quality by enhancing lighting, increasing definition, and improving stabilization. When Video Boost is enabled, three features automatically come into play for whatever is being filmed. However, there is one caveat – only videos that are backed up to Google Photos are able to receive the Video Boost treatment. Additionally, while the un-boosted video will be seen immediately on the device, the boosted version will take some time to process due to server-side processing using Google’s AI. Once the boosted video is complete, a notification will be received on the device.

In order to use the new Video Boost feature, the user needs to have a Pixel 8 Pro phone. The first step is to open the camera app and switch to video mode. Then, tap the gear icon in the bottom left to open the Camera app Settings pop-up. The second option from the top is the Video Boost mode, which should be enabled by tapping the right camera icon. After that, the user can begin filming as they normally would and will receive a notification when the Video Boost file is complete.

Despite the fact that the rendering process is not instant and takes time, Video Boost is a remarkable new feature that Google has added to the Pixel phone family. For those with a Pixel 8 Pro, it is highly recommended to give this feature a try.