Unleashing the Power of Amazon’s Free AI Courses: A Weekend Well Spent

This article didn’t get written. Spent most of the weekend meandering through a fascinating rabbit hole. The good part was I took a free AI course for developers in one weekend and loved it. Amazon’s free AI training 7-hour deep dive covers prompt engineering, tuning, pre-training a new model, data preparation, and scale training. You can incorporate human feedback and deploy a foundational model. Amazon offers courses for technical and non-technical audiences. You will need to sign into the AWS Skill Builder site. These courses cater to managers, decision-makers, and the AI-curious. The course offerings cater to developers and techies. AWS DeepRacer is a cloud-based learning lab. You get 10 free hours and access to machine learning courses used to train Amazon’s developers. Amazon’s Machine Learning University offers a free comprehensive self-service pathway on the foundations of machine learning. The course offerings are suitable for beginners and intermediates. Amazon provides free resources to start and up your learning game. Just remember to set alarms or a timer if you need to remember to finish a lesson. Share in the comments if you took Amazon courses or if you used my learning resources from last month. Be sure to follow me on social media.