Unbeatable Deal on the Best Garmin Sports Watch!

The Garmin Enduro 2 is priced at $800, $300 off its original cost of $1100 at launch. The sports watch is equipped with solar charging, LED flashlight, sapphire, titanium, and an Ultrafit band. The Enduro 2 also offers an impressive battery life of 110 hours per charge in GPS mode. It allows users to earn Expedition badges for activities like hiking or climbing. The watch features vibrant lime green accents and has a comfortable elastic loop band. Although it has a memory-in-pixel display, the numbers are clear, and the display remains bright outdoors. It also has a top LED light and does not compromise with battery life. The Enduro 2 lacks integrated cellular support, but it is still a top choice for users looking for a sports watch with a long battery life and LED flashlight. If an individual already owns an Enduro 2, they should continue using it as Garmin actively updates its watches.