Top-Rated Blood Pressure Watches: 2023’s Must-Have Models

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, impacts approximately 1.3 billion individuals globally and leads to 10 million deaths annually, as stated by the World Heart Federation. As the primary risk factor for death on a worldwide scale, hypertension damages the body and blood cells over time. Despite effective treatment options, detecting and monitoring high blood pressure is not always simple. Dr. Kazuomi Kario, a professor at Jichi Medical University, speculated on the potential use of wearable technology to manage high blood pressure in an article for the Journal of the American Heart Association. Current data shows that the future of hypertension management lies in digital approaches and wearable BP monitoring technology. These methods have the potential to reduce or eliminate cardiovascular events in patients with high blood pressure. Wearables have been proven to be reliable and have shown good performances in comparison to current out-of-office BP measurement techniques. However, utilizing a suitable wearable device and using it correctly falls on the user. ZDNET’s top choice for the best blood pressure watch is the Omron HeartGuide. It has been FDA cleared and includes an inflatable cuff as well as a holistic health tracking suite. The watch enables users to easily track trends in blood pressure and share the data with medical professionals for analysis. Some users may find inaccuracies with measurements and are dissatisfied with the battery life and screen brightness adjustment of the Omron HeartGuide. However, it still remains a valuable tool for monitoring blood pressure multiple times on a single fully charged battery. Pros and cons of the Omron HeartGuide were further discussed in the article. Other blood pressure watches mentioned included the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, YHE BP Doctor Pro, and FitVII Smartwatch. Each of these watches has its individual use cases and features. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is an international favorite with ECG and blood pressure measurement capabilities, while the YHE BP Doctor Pro promises medical-grade accuracy and full health tracking. The FitVII Smartwatch, as a budget-friendly option, comes highly recommended by users for its reading consistency and user-friendly interface. A detailed comparison of these watches was also provided in the content. Since each blood pressure watch has its own unique features and functions, users are encouraged to choose the watch that best suits their individual needs.