Top Picks: The Coolest Smart Rings from CES 2024

Smart rings are on the rise and are gradually gaining mainstream popularity and interest. The rings unveiled at this year’s CES indicate a growing interest in the technology. They offer various health tracking capabilities and operate without a bulky screen like traditional smartwatches.

The smart ring market is expected to expand significantly in the coming years, with larger tech brands showing interest in joining the market. These brands are integrating advanced features like AI and menstrual cycle tracking into their rings, making them more appealing to users seeking comprehensive health data insights.

Some of the notable smart rings showcased at CES include the Evie Ring, which focuses on women-specific health data and predictive insights. Another ring, RingConn’s smart ring, stands out for offering comprehensive health features without requiring any additional subscriptions.

Overall, the smart ring market is poised for growth, and consumers can expect more innovative products to hit the market in the coming years.