Top 2023 GPS Trackers for Kids: Expert Picks

The Disney Edition of the Verizon Gizmo Watch is priced at $200, with an additional $35 activation fee. The battery life lasts up to three days on standby or 1.5 days with constant use. It offers real-time tracking and has no monthly cost for connectivity, using GPS and cellular technology.

The Disney version of the Gizmo Watch features animated characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars for an interactive user experience. When checking the weather and receiving notifications, the characters react on the home screen in lively ways. Parents like Kendra Paulson have found the watch helpful for staying in touch with their kids while they are out and about. The watch allows for texting and calling, and parents can view their kids’ location on the Gizmo map.

Similar to T-mobile’s SyncUp Kids watch, the Gizmo Watch allows for sending and receiving messages, taking calls, and has a built-in camera. It also supports up to 10 trusted contacts for the child to communicate with. Additional features include real-time tracking and geofence support, allowing for alerts when the child arrives or leaves a certain location. Tasks can be created for the child, and school mode can be set up to limit the use of the watch during school hours.

Both GizmoWatch models have a one-time $35 activation fee from Verizon.