Top 10 Home EV Chargers for 2023: Expert Picks

The Grizzl-E Classic features a 40 amp amperage, a three-year warranty, a 24-foot cable length, and IP67 water resistance. The charger is designed with a utilitarian black box featuring a big maple leaf and “Made in Canada” label on the front. It also has a white alternative and bright blue streaks resembling bear claw marks. The charger requires a 40 amp circuit for full power but can be configured for lower charge rates. It does not have Wi-Fi connection and an outdoor safety lock will cost extra. However, it offers the option of a dedicated Tesla plug instead of the standard J1772. For households with two electric vehicles, the Grizzl-E Duo with two 24-foot cables for simultaneous charging is available.

Electrical engineer and managing director for Wizer Energy, Martin Desmond, praised the Grizzl-E charger for its benefits, including its compatibility with any Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant EV charging station software. It can stand up to harsh weather, and its extra-long lead allows for flexible installation. Additionally, there is a deal alert for 12% off this charger when purchased at Amazon.