The Top 5 Must-Have Products from CES 2024 That I’d Purchase Immediately

CES has now become known for flashy product introductions not meant for the market. The origins of CES lie in retailers previewing upcoming products to decide what to stock. Thankfully, CES 2024 saw many real product launches and strong pitches for tech gadgets. ZDNET Editor’s pick for the best of show was the Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera. My top 5 products from CES are the Roborock Flexi Pro, Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera, Samsung S95D OLED TV, Vasco Translator E1, and Oclean X Ultra S smart toothbrush. 1. Roborock Flexi Pro – Roborock vacuums have out-innovated the industry with their quality and reliability. The Flexi Pro is a smart, upright, wet/dry vacuum with self-cleaning and strong suction power. 2. Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera – It boasts a wider field of view than its competitors and can connect to your Ecobee thermostat and Apple Watch. 3. Samsung S95D OLED TV – The best TV of CES 2024 with a glare-free display and the best picture quality in the world. 4. Vasco Translator E1 – An earpiece that uses AI to translate 49 languages in real time, allows easy communication across languages. 5. Oclean X Ultra S smart toothbrush – A smart toothbrush with a built-in display, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, and a bone-conducting speaker.