The Samsung S95D OLED: CES 2024’s Top TV and Current World Leader

Samsung’s S95D OLED TV with breakthrough glare-free display was a standout at CES 2024, as TVs took the spotlight at the event. The anti-reflective display significantly improved the TV’s performance, making it one of the best TVs for everyday use. Across OLED, QLED, Laser TV, and LCD categories, CES 2024 showcased a level of excellence in picture quality and brightness. Samsung’s S95D, despite being subtle in its features, offers exceptional color, detail, contrast, and dynamic range. The new anti-reflective display resolves issues faced by OLED TVs in brightly lit rooms. It disperses bright light sources and turns them into soft glows, making the TV suitable for bright, sun-filled rooms. With pricing expected to start at around $2,500 for the 55-inch version, Samsung’s S95D OLED TV is positioned to offer the best picture quality among retail TVs.