The New VR Headset That Rivals Apple’s Vision Pro: Not for Everyone

Apple recently joined the virtual reality market with the launch of its Vision Pro, adding to the competition from companies such as Meta, Playstation, HTC, and more. This week, Finnish company Varjo expanded the market with the release of its XR-4 headset. Priced at $3,990, the XR-4 boasts a 120-degree field of view, dual 20-megapixel cameras, two 4K displays, and a gaze-driven XR autofocus system, making it similar to other high-end headsets like the Vision Pro.

What sets the XR-4 apart is its focus on mixed reality, as opposed to the 2D and mixed reality capabilities of most other VR headsets. Additionally, Varjo offers a “Focal Edition” with improved passthrough for $9,900 and a “Secure Edition” designed for government-grade compliance and pilot-grade visual fidelity, with pricing available upon request.

The Secure Edition is particularly notable, as it is compatible with high-end training software and does not require online connectivity. This makes it suitable for applications such as military pilots’ training and flight simulation, as well as other high-security environments. The XR-4’s release highlights the potential for VR beyond entertainment and provides a glimpse into the future of VR for consumers.