The Mighty 200W Charger: Powering Six Devices Simultaneously in a Compact Size

One of the major benefits of USB-C charging for laptops is the ability to replace the bulky charger with a smaller multiport charger in order to save desktop space. It is also incredibly adaptable and can charge laptops using much less power than the maximum output. Satechi’s new 200W USB-C GaN Charger is a powerful and versatile charger that can charge a wide range of devices all at once. The charger itself is quite large and heavy, but its elegant design, effective non-slip feet, and convenient vertical cradle make it easy to use. It is capable of outputting the maximum power as specified and remains cool even under heavy loads, making it an excellent choice for a desktop charger. While it is relatively expensive at $150, it is a worthwhile investment for a quality charger that will last for years. Satechi also offers smaller and more affordable chargers for those with more modest charging needs.