The Groundbreaking Feature Set to Transform Robot Vacuums and Mops

At CES 2024, Dreame has unveiled its newest flagship robot, the X30 Ultra. It’s a two-in-one robot vacuum and mop with 8,300Pa suction, dual oscillating mop heads, and a hands-free docking station that automatically refills, empties, and washes and dries the mop heads. Dreame is also offering a hookup kit to connect this robot directly into the water line to eliminate the need to refill and carry the clean water tank. However, it’s becoming difficult to stand out in this field because many features are now used across multiple companies, from iRobot to Roborock. The X30 Ultra can automatically lift its mop head 10.5mm to avoid carpet. The robot will return to the docking station, drop off its mop head, and go back to vacuum the soft flooring area if the mop head is not high enough. The X30 Ultra comes equipped with 6,400mAh battery that can power the two-in-one machine for up to 260 minutes of cleaning in quiet mode, or 2,615 square feet. Another innovative feature is the Anti-Tangle TriCut Brush that the company says can cut away tangled hair from the brushes and store the debris in the dust bag. The cutting heads are carefully positioned to ensure that your floors and carpets aren’t scratched as the robot moves along. Another feature the X30 Ultra offers is the MopExtend RoboSwing technology that deploys the robot’s flex arm to get in hard-to-reach corners and along baseboards and furniture. The X30 Ultra is now available for preorder and will be released on Feb. 28 on Dreame’s website and Amazon for $1,700 with an early-bird discount of 27% off when you apply a code at Dreame’s CES 2024 Offer Page.