Tech Predictions 2024: The Key Factor for Company Success in the Coming Year

In 2024, the role of AI in business and leadership was the main focus. The article started by highlighting the tendency of individuals to want to win or at least be associated with winning. When it comes to tech in 2024, the promise and fearful portents of generative AI were key points of discussion. The author challenged the common notion that all winning businesses must be based on AI and questioned the profitability of businesses that claim to use AI wizardry without actually making money. The article emphasized the importance of proving that AI is making a material difference to real people’s lives and having a material effect on their companies’ positive emotions. The discussion then shifted to the need for trustworthy and ethical tech executives that can guide people through the AI world. The author expressed doubt about the current tech leaders and hoped for a singular tech leader to emerge in 2024. Additionally, the article addressed the importance of using AI to help employees rather than replace them, highlighting the need for companies to make a positive contribution to human well-being.