Siemens Unveils Groundbreaking Technologies at CES, Including Mixed Reality and AI Integration for Industries

An entertaining aspect of CES, also called the Consumer Electronics Show, is that it doesn’t revolve entirely around consumer products or electronics. Siemens, an industrial enterprise vendor, is taking the opportunity of CES 2024 to showcase a wide range of technology innovations. The company has shared its announcement plans with ZDNET, and we’ve selected a few to highlight.

Siemens and Sony have announced a partnership to produce a next-generation mixed-reality headset designed to utilize Siemens design tools like NX Immersive Designer. This exclusive partnership came about after Sony used Siemens tools to design the headset and enjoyed the experience.

Another interesting partnership is between Siemens and Red Bull Racing. The companies report that they are showing “how this new solution empowers engineers to free them from traditional constraints to bring together the virtual and physical worlds by immersing them in the industrial metaverse.”

In a collaboration with Microsoft, Siemens is working to bring Microsoft’s generative AI, assistant Copilot, to industrial projects and processes, aiming to improve human-machine collaboration and boost manufacturing productivity.

Siemens and Amazon’s AWS are strengthening their partnership to make it easier for any sized business to build and scale generative AI applications by integrating Amazon Bedrock and Mendix. This combination will allow developers to rapidly prototype low-code AI solutions, saving time in the development cycle.

Siemens is also showcasing how their Siemens Xcelerator portfolio and tools like the NX designer have helped Unlimited Tomorrow produce affordable, lightweight, high-quality prostheses for children and adults using the digital twin concept.

Under the umbrella name Inhab, Siemens is presenting its smart home energy management solutions designed to provide homeowners greater visibility into energy consumption patterns and allow better decision-making over time.

Additionally, Siemens is equipping Blendhub, a company that uses shipping containers as food factories, with technology solutions for automating and managing its portable food factories efficiently to tackle food insecurity.

Furthermore, Siemens is showcasing its Senseye technology, which uses AI to predict maintenance and upkeep requirements across factories, giving managers a dynamic view of factory performance.

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