Seeing Clearly: How Changing the Default Color of My Google Calendar Events Made a Difference

The previous company that Jack Wallen worked for was represented by a default color on his calendar. After parting ways with that company, he found it inefficient to continue using the same color for articles written for that company. He then changed the default color for every calendar entry representing ZDNET in order to avoid confusion. Although creating a separate calendar for each client was an option, it seemed cumbersome compared to changing the default color. To do this, he needed a valid Google Account and a web browser. By hovering his cursor over the main calendar, Jack clicked a three-dot menu button and selected a pre-defined color. If he didn’t like any of these options, he could create his own color using the color picker, slider, or hex value. Refreshing the page would make the new color appear. using different colors to represent different clients and events helps him quickly identify what his day consists of, and he hopes this feature will help others as well.