Seamlessly Connect to Another Mac with MacOS Sonoma’s Standout Feature

Screen Sharing on MacOS Sonoma
Do you have a spare Mac lying around, an older MacBook or a headless system? Perhaps you are a software developer looking to run resource-intensive apps on a dedicated machine or assist someone remotely. MacOS Sonoma’s Screen Sharing app provides an integrated solution for connecting to a Mac remotely at near-local speeds.

Why Sonoma Screen Sharing?
MacOS has supported screen sharing for years, but Sonoma’s Screen Sharing app (version 4.1) now provides a high-fidelity VNC connection unique to Sonoma systems. This offers a native desktop experience on high-speed networks, making it ideal for graphically intensive apps. While other solutions like TeamViewer are available, Sonoma’s Screen Sharing is optimized for fast local networks.

Setting up for Remote Management
To prepare your Mac for headless remote management, you can use a USB-C Ethernet adapter for MacBooks or an HDMI “Dummy Plug” for desktop Macs. Additionally, ensure that sleep mode and screen savers are disabled to prevent network disconnection.

Connecting to Remote Mac
Open the Screen Sharing app on your Sonoma system, select your remote Mac, and authenticate. Apple’s Remote Desktop app also offers high-performance connections and comprehensive IT support, while VNC clients provide a straightforward remote console solution for Windows and Linux users.

Share your Screen Sharing feedback
Whether you are an experienced tech user or new to remote management, we want to hear about your experiences and insights. Have you set up your Mac screen-sharing command center or encountered any unique challenges along the way? Whatever your story may be, feel free to share in the comments below.