Score an Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet for Just $75 Before Cyber Monday!

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet is on sale for $75 before Cyber Monday. ZDNET highly recommends it for children, as it has a sturdy build and a battery life of 13 hours, making it a perfect first tablet. The tablet comes with a free, one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, valued at $48 for Prime customers and $79 for others, which provides access to thousands of books, videos, games, and Alexa Skills. The tablet’s operating system, Fire OS, is kid-friendly and offers parental controls, allowing for customization of the home screen and limiting access to certain content. While the tablet may not compare to the iPad in terms of quality, it is a cost-efficient investment due to its durability and reliable performance. Also, the tablet comes with a 2-year warranty, promising free replacements if it gets damaged. All in all, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet is a great, child-friendly tablet for education, games, and entertainment.