Save Nearly $100 on my Favorite Apple Home Key Smart Lock this Black Friday

The Aqara U100 smart lock is available on Amazon for only $133 as part of Black Friday 2023. Aqara U100 is the most versatile smart lock on the market and recently launched its very first Apple Home Key smart lock in the US. The lock combines Apple Home Key, keypad, fingerprint, NFC tags, and a physical key for unlocking options. You can program NFC tags to unlock the Aqara U100, which is perfect for anyone that isn’t an Apple user or to use as keycards for houseguests. You can add other users and give them each a unique unlocking method, and featured a 98.6% recognition rate. Users can add up to 50 fingerprints in the app. The product has a new product with incoming firmware upgrades constantly improving its performance.