Save $230 on this impressive 65-inch Hisense TV – a must-have recommendation!

Why ZDNET recommends the Hisense 65-inch U6K TV

Hisense has established itself as a leading brand in the value TV market in recent years. Despite being affordable, Hisense televisions have consistently delivered high-quality performance, and the Hisense U6K model is no exception to this trend.

The 65-inch model is currently priced at $570, slightly higher than last year’s range but justifiable given the annual improvements made by Hisense. The most notable upgrade for the U6K this year is the implementation of a mini-LED panel, resulting in better contrast and increased brightness, making it one of the best value TVs in its price range.

Upon unboxing, the U6K’s thin bezel gives it a sleek and modern appearance, distinguishing it from other mid-range models on the market. The TV comes with four HDMI ports but lacks support for the new HDMI 2.1. However, the U6K is suitable for casual gamers, offering a 4K 60Hz refresh rate which can be reduced to 1080p for 120Hz refresh rate.

Setting up the TV is straightforward, with the legs easily attachable at two different widths. The TV’s display settings allow for brightness adjustment to accommodate various lighting conditions in the room.

The U6K also supports all HDR formats, providing enhanced visual quality for HDR content from streaming services. The TV’s upscaling capability is evident, improving the viewing experience for older films while maintaining their original aesthetic.

Gaming performance on the U6K is notable, with high contrast and brightness improving visual clarity. Audio quality is also commendable, delivering satisfactory sound even without additional external speakers.

Operating on Google TV, the U6K’s interface is user-friendly and supports Amazon Alexa for voice controls. Overall, the Hisense U6K TV is a solid mid-range model that offers impressive features and performance at an accessible price point. While it may not be the best for gaming or a theater-like experience, it excels in providing a well-rounded viewing experience across various content types.